The five best sandwiches in Miami

Miami is a culinary mecca. There are as many options to eat as things to do. Yet not everyone has the time to sit down and wait for an elaborate meal to be prepared. So what choice do the city’s people have when they want something that is quick and delicious? A slice of heaven between two pieces of bread. 

Our aim is to show you the best sandwiches this city has to offer. These are as unique and diverse as the people who live here. So sit back, grab your wallet and get ready to make plans to have five of the best sandwiches in Miami.


Yardbird’s chicken biscuits, $15 plus tax. (Christopher Larsen/Caplin News)

1600 Lenox Ave.
Miami Beach
(305) 538-5220

Yardbird was a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s “Best New Restaurant” award. Its chicken biscuit will make you understand why. This sandwich approaches perfection. The biscuits are light, buttery and decadent, and the chicken is beautifully fried and mouth-wateringly moist. To top it off, the pickles and pickled onions add a brightness that brings the dish to an incredible balance of flavor. For those who enjoy some heat, Yardbird’s honey hot sauce adds just the right amount of heat and sweetness that sends the dish over the top. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be asking what genius came up with such an incredible sandwich.


Ms. Cheezious’ short rib melt, $12 plus tax. (Christopher Larsen/Caplin News)

Ms. Cheezious
7418 Biscayne Boulevard
(305) 989-4019

Ms. Cheezious started as a food truck that built up a well-deserved reputation for killer melts. Now a restaurant opened on Biscayne Boulevard that brings the delicious melts to the masses. Arguably the most enticing sandwich on the menu, their short rib melt sandwich is prime evidence of why this business went from a food truck to a restaurant. Savory and juicy braised short rib, tender pickled onions that add a nice bite of acidity, bitter and peppery arugula and jack cheese that oozes with every bite — all between two crisp toasted pieces of sourdough bread. This is a feast for your taste buds and is well worth every dollar you spend on it.


Mr. & Mrs. Bun’s panceta (pork belly) en caja china sandwich, $11.99 plus tax. (Courtesy of Mr & Mrs. Bun)

Mr. & Mrs. Bun
15572 SW 72nd St.
(786) 717-6244

Mr. & Mrs. Bun is a small restaurant in the heart of Kendall with big flavors that will dazzle your tastebuds. Having been featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” with chef Guy Fieri, this restaurant is a rising star in South Florida. The pork belly sandwich is nothing less than spectacular. The soft and fluffy homemade buns are the perfect vessel for this succulent sandwich. The star is the crispy, juicy and astonishingly tender pork belly, which is immaculately seasoned and expertly cooked. The amount of pork belly in this sandwich is enough to feed a small village, which is good news for those looking for a sandwich that is both tasty and filling. On top of the pork belly is crispy sweet potato chips. Beneath it is a bed of shredded lettuce that adds a nice bit of freshness to this very rich and savory dish. The spicy mayo on the side brings a little bit of heat that helps balance the dish overall. This sandwich is marvelously made. If you love pork, this is the dish for you.


El Jibarito Sandwich’s tripleta sandwich, $10 plus tax. (Christopher Larsen/Caplin News)

El Jibarito Sandwich
12855 SW 136th Ave. #108
(786) 261-1816

El Jibarito Sandwich is the textbook definition of a mom and pop business. Don’t let its small and modest exterior fool you, this restaurant brings it when it comes to stunning sandwiches. The tripleta is a dream come true for those who love their sandwiches to be stuffed with meat. It starts with soft and delightful Cuban bread. Next, come three kinds of meat that will satisfy even the hungriest carnivore. This buffet of a sandwich includes chicken, pork and steak, which are all juicy and splendidly seasoned. To add some texture, there’s a generous portion of shoestring potatoes that gives an enjoyable crunch with each bite. To complete this wondrous sandwich is a slathering of mayo-ketchup that gives it just the dish the right amount of sweetness to counterbalance the meatiness. The tripleta is top-tier comfort food.


Subs 88’s Kendall clucker sandwich, $8.99 plus tax. (Christopher Larsen/Caplin News)

Subs 88
9895 SW 88th Street
(786) 431-1294

Subs 88 is a small restaurant located in an unassuming strip mall in Kendall that prides itself on fresh quality ingredients and sandwiches that will blow your mind. The Kendall clucker is a work of culinary brilliance. You may have had chicken sandwiches in the past, but we promise you’ve never had one as good as this. The gigantic, homemade breaded chicken is crisp and crunchy, and the inside is so moist that you’ll be judging all other chicken by the standard it sets. Accompanying the poultry is lettuce and sliced tomatoes that nicely round out the lusciousness. As if all that was not enough, the Kendall clucker comes with Subs 88 sauce that’s similar to the special sauce of a certain fast-food chain everyone has visited. It’s light and zesty, adding one more layer of depth to this awe-inspiring sandwich.

Christopher Larsen is a Puerto Rican-American student studying digital TV and multimedia production at FIU. He has a passion for politics, photography and making videos. He hopes to one day work for NPR or another media organization.