The Sound of the Underground highlights Miami sonic genius (includes multimedia content)

The Sound Of The Underground is a multimedia experience that aims to unveil and show a glimpse of the lives of underground artists in Miami. What makes these artists tick? Who are they when they’re off the stage? These are the questions that were primary to the Underground crew. 

The centerpiece of the website is the short documentary piece. “Our Musical Journey.” The The Underground crew met with three different musicians and simply let them tell their stories. From the novice but talented Mica to the well-connected and experienced Alexa, this documentary shows the benefits, struggles, and motivations behind the local music scene. 

The Underground site also includes a VR360 video of the Backroom Live where viewers can immerse themselves in a virtual reality performance of local musicians doing what they do best! 

The Underground Podcast segment takes a look at underground music from a different perspective: Earnings, and venues. This podcast features two guests who offer insights about what it really takes to find viable gigs, and what some novice artists may expect to earn. Big thanks to Brightwing (Eddie) from Strange Beast and Joaquin Ortiz from Tea and Poets for joining us!

You can also check out the “Behind The Venues” slideshow, for an even more in-depth look at the awesome places the Underground Crew visited and the talented musicians who play there!

Be sure to visit the website to share this musical journey!

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