The true story of Knaus Berry Farm (video story included)

Knaus Berry Farm, located in the Redland of South Florida, is a hidden gem. The farm, which is open through April 18, has had quite a history since its establishment back in 1956.

It all began when a broker sold some of their strawberries and tasted the cookies made by Ray Knaus’ wife, Barbara. He said, “These are good enough to sell.” Since then, “the farm [has offered] its visitors baked goods, strawberries, various produce and ice cream,” said Thomas Blocher, the bakery manager.

The farm has become famous for its fresh milkshakes and hot cinnamon rolls. Despite the long drive required for many customers, it has become a must-stop destination, despite its long lines.

Knaus Berry Farm is a cash-only farm and opens Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information and to check the menu, you can visit

Amanda Maldonado contributed to this report 

Andrea Gonzalez is a Venezuelan Broadcast Media student minoring in Social Media and E-Marketing. Since she can remember, she has always aspired to be in front of a television screen informing and entertaining people with news.