The Upside-Down arrives to South Florida (includes video story)

Today, Aventura became one of just three locations worldwide to offer a pop-up store on the theme of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Isis Arias is a member of a team that is delivering a fan experience in the Aventura Mall similar to the ones in Dallas and Paris. 

“Stranger Things” describes supernatural things in the fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana. With many interactive activities, it gives guests an immersive shopping experience.

“The ‘Stranger Things’ store offers a great opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the world of ‘Stranger Things,’” Arias explains. “You can go to Hawkins and find exclusive merch to purchase.” 

From apparel to collectibles and vintage candy, the pop-up store allows fans to experience a retro ’80s ambiance. 

“It’s really exciting to be here,” Arias says. “It’s a really global culture hub here and Aventura Mall serves so many areas in South Florida.”

The staff is also excited to start welcoming fans into the store today, starting at 11 a.m. Reservations are now open throughout the holidays. However, walk-ins are welcomed. 

Karissa Larsh, a Stranger Things fan, expresses her eagerness to attend the event. 

“The fact that Miami is one of the three locations for this store makes me feel special and even more excited about it, ” Larsh says. “Since it’s very exclusive, it just makes you not want to miss out on seeing this store.”

An inside look at Joyce Byer’s living room. Courtesy of Gabriela Perez.

The pop-up store includes spot-on details that replicate exact scenes from the show. This guarantees visitors to have sensational photo opportunities. 

“You can sit down and take a picture with the lights,” Arias mentions. “You can explore the lab and the Starcourt Mall really feels like an actual mall because you can shop for merchandise from Surfer Boy Pizza to Rink-O-Mania that sort of ties back to the latest season.” 

Replicated scenes from the Stranger Things series. (Cindy Claros and Gabriela Perez/SFMN)

Many television shows do not offer this kind of event. Fans are grateful that they can support a show that allows them to admire their favorite scenes in person. 

“There are no other TV shows that do this type of thing,” Larsh says. “That is why the show is so popular — it appeals to a big audience and pop-up events like this give the fans a real experience and a fun time.”

Cindy Claros is a senior majoring in Digital Media/Broadcasting Journalism. After graduation, she hopes to work in the entertainment industry and for shows such as "Good Morning America" and "The Real" or start her podcast.

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