Third Horizon Film Festival celebrates Caribbean cinema and global voices (includes video story)

The Third Horizon Film Festival, which was held this past weekend, is a big deal for cinema, especially in Miami. With work from over 20 countries, it showcased diverse stories and voices.

Third Horizon started in Miami in 2014 and focuses on Caribbean cinema and global perspectives.

The festival supports local talent through its Caribbean Film Academy program, which commissions short films. This not only gives new filmmakers a platform but also enriches Miami’s cultural scene with Caribbean voices.

Returning directors like Ian Harnarine, whose film “Doubles” closed the festival, highlights the festival’s support for filmmakers over time. Harnarine’s success at Third Horizon in 2016 with “Doubles With Slight Pepper” shows how the festival can help Caribbean cinema gain international recognition.

The in-person part of the festival concluded Sunday. The festival conmtinues virtually through May 19, according to a press release.

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