Thrift stores minimize the risks of donated clothing (includes video story)

As Miami thrift stores reopen, shoppers worry about the risk that comes with buying donated merchandise. To keep business running smoothly, thrift stores have come up with new ways to operate.

American Thrift Store, located in Hollywood, segregates donated clothing, said Andrea Bianchi, the store’s human resource director.

“We had to rent trailers where we flow the merchandise instead of bringing it directly from a home that might have COVID,” she said. “We just put [the merchandise] in the trailer so that with time, the virus goes away.”

Apart from quarantining donations, thrift stores have also implemented CDC guidelines in their stores. Customers are required to wear facial covering and follow social distancing. In Goodwill, fitting rooms have been closed so shoppers cannot try on clothing. 

“When you come to a place to go shopping, obviously you do want to try on the clothes. So, I do find it very frustrating,” said Kelsey Grimez, a thrift-store shopper. 

Juliana Hontou was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is currently a FIU student living in Miami. She has a deep fondness for sports ever since she can remember and hopes one day to pursue a career broadcasting and reporting sports.