Tik Tok and the birth of a young activist

Activist Sam Dambrosio says: “Schools don’t teach us the real black history, nor how we arrived here! This land was stolen from the natives, built by the blacks, and kept beautiful by the Latinos. The whites just sit back and collect on things that should have never belonged to us in the first place.”

Dambrosio was born in Plantation, raised in Waycross, Georgia and is only 26 years old. She considers herself a “newbie” activist and was inspired by videos on Tik Tok.

Few would have ever guessed that an app famous for a dancing ferret could keep you informed on the latest breaking news, but that’s how Dambrosio’s interest in activism began.

Dambrosio says that while in quarantine, some videos of the disturbing death of George Floyd popped up on her Tik Tok app.

At that point, she was unfamiliar with Black Lives Matter or any other activist movement, but she felt it was about time for her to educate herself.

Dambrosio said, “I want to learn history, I want to be part of it and help it change. Me being able to see testimonies from other people and other types of police brutality content basically was an awakening for me to speak up.”

According to Dambrosio, Tik Tok shows hundreds of peaceful protesters being brutally beaten and/or arrested by cops who still face no charges.

When asked what she thinks about the “looters,” who President Donald Trump called thugs and have been the subject of much criticism, she said: “Life cannot be replaced. Buildings and cars can.”