Tom Brady gifts cap to cancer survivor (includes video story)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady recently became the first quarterback to pass for 600 touchdowns. That was historic news for the NFL, but it meant the world to one young fan.

It all started when nine-year-old Noah Reeb was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in February. Weeks later, Noah was moved by a special video sent by Brady himself.

“Noah was having a really tough time,” shared his father James Reeb. “My wife Jacky received a video message… out of the blue one day, and there was Tom with a very personalized message, a very sweet message for Noah.”

QB Brady’s words of encouragement kept Noah going throughout his treatment and helped him make his way to recovery.

Things took a bigger turn for Noah during Sunday’s historic game. Noah sat on the bleachers with a sign that read, “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer.” Brady even approached him, and the two shared a touching moment. Brady gifted Noah the Tampa Bay Buccaneers “crucial catch” cap.

“I’m so blessed and I’m so grateful that they were able to make it happen,” shared Noah Reeb.

Zitlali Solache is a student in Florida International University, pursuing her Masters degree in Spanish-Language Broadcast Journalism. Zitlali Solache is Mexican American and has a passion for storytelling and news. She has interned for WPBT PBS, WSVN Channel 7 and STEP Univision. After graduation, Zitlali aspires to become a reporter/anchor in her hometown Miami, FL.