Top 10 Jamaican patties spots in South Florida

Patties are a staple in Jamaican culture. Nothing beats the hot, baked deliciousness that is often eaten from a paper bag. Patties are yellowish-orange pastries with a filling, and unlike empanadas, they are baked instead of fried. It’s tricky finding the fresh ones because most are frozen in mass production, but we tracked down ten places that freshly make these traditional pastries. When getting your patties, keep in mind that they are taxed and don’t forget to pick up some coco bread with D&G soda!

During the pandemic, the businesses have irregular hours and service is limited. Take-out is available, but call before picking up your patties. We’ve listed prices below, but they are subject to change. Generally, they range from $1.50 to $4.50.

1.Taste Rite Bakery
18400 NW Second Ave
Miami, FL 33169
(305) 249-7483
Mild beef patty- $1.90

With six locations, Taste Rite is constantly making and baking patties. There are often lines outside. The flavor is distinguishable from other shops because of its seasoning and filling ratio. There’s a wide list of patties to choose from including mild beef, chicken, vegetable and seafood. The patty is inexpensive but that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. Their slogan is right, “One bite is never enough!” Patties available: vegetable for $1.50, callaloo for $1.85, beef for $1.90, cheesy beef, chicken, and jerk chicken for $2.00, shrimp for $2.25, fish for $2.50, ackee for $3.00, and lobster patties for $3.75.

Flaky beef patty from Taste Rite Bakery (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

2. Sonia’s Patties
10852 SW 104th St.
Miami, FL 33176
(305) 598-6695
Mild beef patty $2.75

Located in the Shoppes of Killian, Sonia’s Patties has been around since 1989. The flaky patty has a very mildly sweet taste that includes thyme. The meat isn’t paste-like in texture and is separated from the pastry. Patties available: mild beef, spicy beef, curry chicken, and plantain tart for $2.75 each, curry shrimp for $4.99, and jerk lobster for $6.99.

Beef patty from Sonia’s Patties (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

3. Finger Lickin Patties- Pastries
1458 S Hiatus Rd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
Mild beef patty- $2.28

The largest patty shop on this list has the flakiest patties! The meat is well distributed and seasoned well. The staff is playful and the atmosphere friendly. Fresh batches are constantly being brought out. The steaming patty contains savory seasoned beef. Patties available: beef for $2.13, chicken for $2.50, spinach and veggie for $1.85, ackee and saltfish for $3.50, beef and cheese for $2.20, and meatloaf for $2.32.

Display case of patties at Finger Lickin’ (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

4.Treelion Inc. Juice Bar and Natural Foods
18400 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
(305) 690- 7777
Spinach Yatti- $3

Patties are commonly found with meat such as beef. Vegetarian options are often available but this shop has a vegan option. A “Yatti” is a vegan patty that is suitable for Rastafarians. It’s beige from being made out of wheat unlike the traditional yellow-orange from egg wash or Tumeric. It’s seasoned well with a bit of a spicy flavor. For a vegan restaurant, the place is fairly inexpensive. There are quality ingredients. Patties available: spinach yatti for $3 and ackee or $4.

Spinach Yatti at Treelion Inc. Juice Bar and Natural Foods (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

5. Island Joe’s Cafe
4201 Ravenswood Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 990-6141
Mild beef patty- $1.85

This multiple award-winning family-run business began over 30 years ago with famous hot pies. This shop mass produces patties to be resold at stores and restaurants. However, this shop makes fresh patties daily. “Creating tastes that let you escape to the islands!” The tropical-designed restaurant with a convenient drive-thru is filled with patties of a deep orange color. Although the patty isn’t the flakiest, it has a nice crunch to it with an even distribution of flavorful meat. Patties available: spicy beef, mild beef, classic curry chicken, jammin jerk chicken, and healthful veggie. Each patty goes for $1.85.

Island Joe’s Cafe’s tropical front (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

6. Hammond’s Bakery
17847 NW 27th Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Phone: (305) 624-9982
Mild beef patty- $2.15

This bakery has two locations: Lauderhill and Miami Gardens. The patties have a good ratio of meat and pastry. Patties available: beef for $2.15, chicken for $2.25, beef and cheese for $2.30, and ackee and saltfish for $3.15.

Hammond’s Bakery chef placing more patties onto the rack. (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

7. Fancy Loaf Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant
1014 NE 215th St.
Miami, FL 33179
(305) 249-7225
Mild beef patty- $1.75

This bakery has locations in not only Florida, but California, New York, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. The shop is small but the smell of fresh patties escapes even through the closed front doors. The patty has a thick crust. You can see the fork marks on the outside of the patty, which allows for air to escape during the baking process. Patties available: beef for $1.75 and veggie and salt fish for $2.00.

Mild beef patty from Fancy Loaf Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

8. Jamaica Kitchen
8736 SW 72nd St.
Miami, FL 33173
(305) 596-2585
Spicy beef patty- $2.50

The hot flaky patty was well filled and spices are both distinguishable and well blended. The spice wasn’t overbearing. It has a nice kick and the famous red dot indicating “spicy.” They are made as often as several times a day. Patties available: mild beef, spicy beef, beefy cheese, vegetable, spinach, curry chicken, jerk chicken, and plantain tart for $2.50 each and a meatloaf patty for $3.00. This hot item remains as a well-known patty shop at Sunset West Shopping Plaza.

A spicy beef patty from Jamaica Kitchen (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

9. Five Star Jamaican Bakery
6847 Miramar Pkwy.
Miramar, FL 33023
(954) 983-6133
Beef patty- $2.15

Located in Miramar Shopping Center, this family-friendly operation served delectable pastries with a smile. This was one of the largest patties, with smooth, not pureed meat that had a little bit of its own sauce or gravy, but it wasn’t soggy. A patty you could grab from both ends without the filling moving around too much. It was filling for only purchasing one patty. Patties available: mild and spicy beef, curry and jerk chicken, and vegetables ranging from $2.00-$2.50.

The entrance of Five Star Jamaican Bakery (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)

10. The Patty Place
19547 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33169
(305) 652-1787
Mild beef patty – $2

Located in the Caribbean Shoppes, the pastry was thick in a unique pale yellow semi-circle. The meat was heavily scented with seasoning. This one wasn’t particularly flaky. Since the patty wasn’t overfilled with meat, it had a good crunch! Patties available: beef, curry chicken, and vegetable for $2.00, cheesy beef and callaloo for $2.50, curry shrimp for $3.50, and ackee & saltfish for $4.00.

A mild beef patty from The Patty Place (Racquel Lewis/Caplin News)


Racquel Lewis is a Miami native who enjoys botany, comedy, theatre, and culinary arts. She is currently an assistant editor at Caplin News while also attending Florida International University as a Broadcast Media major. Her goals are to have her own show and to get an Emmy.