Top Five Miami Pickup Soccer Facilities

Playing the beautiful game of soccer in Miami can be an amazing experience, especially the first time around.

There are so many soccer facilities to choose from in South Florida that it can be hard to decide which one to go to, especially if you are new in town. It may be helpful to use applications such as The Plei App, which is basically the pickup soccer equivalent of DoorDash or Uber. Just sign up, register for a game and head out when it’s time to play!

Soccer Cage Brickell is one of two amazing pickup locations in downtown Miami. (Julian Febres/SFMN)

Soccer Cage Brickell
301 SW Eighth St., Miami
$11 per game
No cleats allowed

Soccer Cage Brickell offers two fields for up to 6 vs. 6 play, and a separate smaller field ideal for kids. Parking is free and the facility offers soft drinks and snacks as well as a relaxation area. This location has varying levels of difficulty and also offers 90-minute games.

Fully air conditioned fields make this facility a must try. (Julian Febres/SFMN)

Indoor Soccer Pro
1128 NW 159th Dr., Miami Gardens
$10 per game
No cleats allowed

Next on the list is Indoor Soccer Pro, located on the outskirts of Miami Gardens. It has three small sided fields ideal for up to 5 vs. 5 play, but up to 15 players can be on the field at once. What seals the deal is that the facility is fully air conditioned and offers vending machines, ping pong tables and a pinball machine as well. Also, parking is free. The facility is currently operating at 10% capacity amid the pandemic.

Take in a Latin American vibe at Soccer 5. (Julian Febres/SFMN)

Soccer 5
various locations
$11 per game
No cleats allowed

Soccer 5 has locations in Kendall, Hialeah and Tropical Park. The Kendall location offers six turf fields for up to 5 vs. 5 play. Also at this location is a full-size, 11 vs. 11 field. Free parking is available, as well as public restrooms and a concession stand. The fields are decorated with Latin American flags around the cages/fences. Soccer 5 Kendall is the only location from the list currently offered on the Plei App.

The Chelsea F.C. themed field at Stadio Soccer. (Julian Febres/SFMN)

Stadio Soccer
523 NW 73rd St., Miami
$8-$11 per game
No cleats allowed

Stadio Soccer stands out not only because of its four quality turf fields for up to 7 vs. 7, but because each field is named after a professional team and rivalry. There is a Barcelona/Real Madrid field as well as a Chelsea/Manchester United field. It is located right under I-95 near exits 6A and 6B and has free parking. This location offers varying difficulty levels of play that can be seen within the app, as well as King of the Turf.

Take in the nighttime vibe of downtown Miami and Brickell. (Julian Febres/SFMN)

Soccer Rooftop
444 Brickell Ave., Miami
$11 per game
No cleats allowed

With a view of Brickell’s famous colorfully-lit buildings and a downtown vibe like no other, Soccer Rooftop finishes the list. This facility offers two average-sized pickup turf fields fit for up to 6 vs. 6 and a lounge area with drinks and snacks available for purchase. Parking is available inside a parking garage in the same building as the facility for $15, but this price gets discounted to $6 after getting a special ticket from the manager for use at the parking meter.

Julian Febres is a senior at Florida University studying journalism. He was born in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida into a fully Puerto Rican family and never fails to express his Latino pride. He is passionate about writing, soccer, music, and fashion. His dream is to be able to freely write about all his interests and spread positivity and good energy at all times.