Best five restaurants for vegan food

The vegan/vegetarian lifestyle has become fairly common in recent years as more people choose a diet in which animals are friends, not food.

South Florida offers many places with vegan food that goes beyond soy. Here is a list of five vegan restaurants that promise to make your palate fall in love, even if you are not vegan.

Avocado hamburger from Aguacate Sanctuary of Love. (Yulieth Cespedes/SFMN)

Aguacate Sanctuary of Love
12100 SW 43rd St., Miami

In an environment full of nature and peace, Aguacate Sanctuary of Love offers its visitors the opportunity to spend an unapologetically vegan afternoon.

Their flavors include protein made from red beans or chickpeas, home-made bread or organic fruits and vegetables. Prices range from $11 for an acai bowl to $20 for a burger or wrap. The center also offers yoga classes and a farmers’ market to buy fruits, vegetables and plants.


Plant based burger from Plant Miami. (Yulieth Cespedes/SFMN)

Plant Miami 
501 NE 24th St., Miami
305- 814-5365 

Plant Miami is a delight for those looking for fancy vegan options. It offers plant-based cuisine with creative flavors that include coconut bacon burgers, ginger carrot noodles, edible flower desserts and more. Prices range from $18 for a dessert to $25 for a hamburger. Plant Miami’s dishes are worthy of being on the Instagram feed of any foodie.


Acai bowl from Ooh Raw! (Yulieth Cespedes/SFMN)

Ooh Raw!
50 NW 23rd St., Miami

The flavors of Ooh Raw! are inspired by poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish.

In this place, diners choose between tropical fruits, seeds, plants and proteins made from beans to create their ideal bowl. Ooh Raw! is also known for its bowls that are fun for both the taste and the eye. One of their best sellers is the acai bowl, served in a pineapple, with fruits and chocolate on top. Prices range from $16 for an acai bowl to $25 for a poke quinoa bowl. Ooh Raw! is an ideal option, especially those starting the vegan journey.


Zucchini pesto pasta with vegan parmesan cheese from Delicious Raw (Yulieth Cespedes/ SFMN)

Delicious Raw Juice Bar
2276 S. University Drive, Davie 

Delicious Raw specializes in serving natural juices to boost the immune system, debloat the stomach and even alleviate the symptoms of a cold.

Their menu also includes bowls and salads that mix the flavors of plants, beans, rice, sweet potatoes and mushrooms, zucchini-based pasta with vegan parmesan cheese and herb-roasted tomatoes, and fast food with lentil protein and home-made bread. Prices go from $10 for a juice to $18 for a bowl.


Baja bowl and avocado toast from Green Bar & Kitchen (Yulieth Cespedes/SFMN)

Green Bar & Kitchen
1075 SE 17th St.,
Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to enjoying a vegan brunch, Green Bar & Kitchen is a great option.

While enjoying a relaxed outdoor atmosphere surrounded by nature, diners can peruse a menu that includes chia pancakes, breakfast tacos, bagels, sandwiches with vegan or regular bread, vegetable protein and sides such as bacon coconut and mushrooms. They also have a variety of sweet and savory bowls. Prices range from $10 for pancakes to $12 for a bowl.

Lorena Cespedes is a Colombian student at Florida International University majoring in journalism. She has a love of traveling, taking pictures and writing about opinion, sports and her culture.