Top five Instagram-worthy desserts in Miami

Miami is full of Instagram-worthy dessert spots where social media savants take pictures of their food before consuming it.

It’s a trend that allows local businesses to form relationships with their customers and get free publicity from their posts. 

Here is a guide to spots that are sure to impress your Instagram followers.

The pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate, some of these are delivery and pick-up only. 

Red velvet pudding which is only available in February; cake mixed with cream cheese frosting and creamy vanilla pudding (Virginia Vich/ owner)

Pudding Parlor
Coral Gables
Pick-up and delivery only
(Full address is provided when order is ready to pick up)
Instagram: @puddingparlor

This dessert option features puddings that are soft and delightfully rich. The combination of soft pudding with spongy cake creates a fluffy texture. The owner, Virginia Vich, opened up this business from her home in Coral Gables and has gained a following on Instagram with over 1,000 satisfied customers. The first bite made it hard to put the spoon down and share with others. Among their selection of customer favorite flavors are salted caramel for $14 a pint and red velvet at $16.

An ice cream pint of Couch Potato flavor sliced in half to show the ingredients: milk chocolate ice cream with caramel and potato chip-pretzel clusters (Mike Romeu/owner)

Sweet Melody Crafted Ice Cream
15224 SW 72nd St., Miami
Instagram: @sweetmelodyicecream

Sweet Melody Crafted Ice Cream sells by the pint. The top seller, “Kooki Monster,” has a smooth texture with gooey bits of chocolate chip cookies and a blue vanilla base. Most places sell their ice cream in single-serving cups, but Sweet Melody’s products are better in bulk because they leave the customer wanting more. Grab an Instagram-worthy pint for $10.

Among their flavors include coconuts or almonds on the churros on top of your choice of ice cream. (courtesy of the Santo Dulce Instagram page)

Santo Dulce! Churros
6500 SW 117th Ave. and
2915 Biscayne Blvd., Miami
Instagram: @santodulcechurros 

A churro is a form of fried dough that is typically dunked in melted chocolate or caramel. Santo Dulce! Churros combines a warm churro with cold ice cream, giving customers a crunchy and creamy experience. Santo Dulce! Churros is a food truck that travels all over Miami. The schedule is uploaded to Instagram every week. However, they do have two regular locations where you can always find churro truck. A single halo-shaped churro is $4.65 and a churro over ice cream is $8.65.

Classic Milkshake and Nutella crunch shake (Gabriela Gutierrez-Gallo/ SFMN)

7761 NW 107th Ave. Suite 2-10, Doral 
Instagram: @holy.shakes 

HolyShakes provides a stellar presentation of desserts on top of frothy milkshakes, which have the perfect thickness and fudge flavor. The owners are from Venezuela, and they moved to the United States in 2015 and hired a pastry chef to create unique recipes. They offer a variety of toppings that are not only delicious but will impress your Instagram followers. Milkshakes run between $14 and $16 depending on the number of toppings.

Baked Up Miami offers a variety of flavors such as birthday cake, s’mores, and fruity pebbles. (Gabriela Gutierrez-Gallo/SFMN) 

Baked Up Miami
13030 SW 103rd Terrace
786) 453-5834
Instagram: @bakedupmiami

Baked Up Miami makes cookies that are stuffed with extra dough and brownies to create a fluffy, cloud-like chewing experience. With a variety of flavors, you’ll never get tired of them. The Fruity Pebbles cookie tastes just like its namesake breakfast cereal, and it has a soft, gooey fudge center coated with the fruity cereal. The Nutella Oreo flavor is a Nutella and Oreo explosion. The cookies sell for $6 each.

Gabriela Gutierrez-Gallo is a senior at Florida International University majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism and a minor in social media and e-marketing. Her interests include film history, writing, and photography.