Top five cookie spots in Miami

It’s no secret that gourmet cookies have become an extremely popular dessert in recent years. Many new dessert shops dedicated entirely to extravagant cookies have surfaced with innovative flavors and funky decorative toppings that have taken the country by storm. Miami has seen its fair share of new cookie shops recently as well, which is why this list will focus on the best cookie spots in Miami. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie or searching for something a little more out of the ordinary, this list will definitely help you find the cookie of your dreams.

The neon logo sign behind the counter at Night Owl Cookies located in University Park. (Keilyn Quintero/SFMN)

Night Owl Cookies
Various locations

Ever since its grand opening, Night Owl cookies has been an absolute success. This spot is extremely popular amongst college students as its original location is just across the street from Florida International University. Due to their success, they’ve expanded their business to a variety of new locations such as Wynwood, Miami Design District, North Miami Beach, and Pembroke Pines. The price range of all their cookies is between $3.25 to $4.25, this includes basic cookies like their standard chocolate chip, as well as more unusual flavors like their cinnamon toast crunch cookie which is a fan favorite!

A cookie bag from Insomnia Cookies located in South Miami. (Keilyn Quintero/SFMN)

Insomnia Cookies
Various locations

Known across the country for their warm, soft, and classic cookie flavors, Insomnia Cookies is a favorite spot amongst cookie connoisseurs. With a wide range of doughs, Insomnia Cookies has something for everyone. They even have a big selection of vegan cookies. Their cookies are split into two separate categories including classic cookies and deluxe cookies. Classic cookies are $2.50 while deluxe cookies are $4.25. However, they’re both equally as delicious. Deluxe cookies have more toppings mixed into the dough such as peanut butter cups, marshmallows, graham crackers, walnuts, etc. There are two locations in South Florida, one in Miami beach and the other in South Miami.

A variety of cookie flavors from Midnight Cookies and Cream. The one in the center is birthday cake flavored. (Keilyn Quintero/SFMN)

Midnight Cookies and Cream
8727 SW 24th St #108
Miami, FL 33165
(305) 603-9161

As if their name didn’t make your mouth water enough, Midnight Cookies and Cream has nearly every cookie flavor you can imagine. From birthday cake to tiramisu, this cookie spot has it all and more. Make sure to stop here if you’re a milkshake lover as well! Their gourmet cookies range in price from $4.25 to $5.50. These aren’t your ordinary cookies. If you’re a s’mores lover, then their s’mores cookie is a must have. It’s topped with layers of marshmallows, and it’s toasted to perfection. They’re proud to serve fresh, made to order cookies with real ingredients and no artificial flavorings. There are several locations throughout Florida, but only one in Miami.

A lemon glaze cookie from Crumbl Cookies. (Keilyn Quintero/SFMN)

Crumbl Cookies
Various locations

Perhaps one of the most famous cookie spots on this list, Crumbl cookies is known across the country for their innovative creations and unpredictable new, weekly, flavors. By shifting their flavors every week, customers are eager to visit frequently to see what’s new. Their cookies are nowhere near your typical homemade cookies. Crumbl Cookies has flavors unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re known for frivolous flavors like raspberry butter cake, caramel pumpkin, caramel popcorn, cornbread, hazelnut churro, and more. Be sure to pay close attention to their social media accounts to know which flavors are in each week! Each cookie is $4.50. There are currently two locations in Miami.

Two cookie boxes in front of the Sweet Lich’s mobile van that is used for events. (Keilyn Quintero/SFMN)

Sweet Lich’s
4800 SW 75th Ave
Miami, FL 33155
(786) 384-2512

This small, family-owned business is a hidden gem in Miami. With a big selection of tasty treats, Sweet Lich’s (pronounced “Sweet Licks”) is on track to become one of Miami’s top dessert spots. They also have a variety of other treats like ice-cream cookie sandwiches and key lime pie cups. Each cookie is $2.50. Not only are their cookies fresh and made to order, but they’re also delicious and made with love. Be sure to stop here next time you’re in the mood for something sweet!

Keilyn Quintero is a senior majoring in digital communications and media with a track in digital journalism. After she graduates, she wishes to pursue a career as a music journalist.