Top five dog beaches in South Florida

Considering the wide range of beautiful beaches here in South Florida, it is strange that a good dog beach can be hard to find. However, if you look carefully there are plenty of places for a perfect beach day with your canine friend. 

This list features solid choices from Key Biscayne and North Miami Beach. These locations not only offer a friendly space for dogs, but an enjoyable experience for people.

Near the shore at Haulover Beach Dog Park (Sabrina Beguiristain/SFMN)

Haulover Dog Beach
10800 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33154
Hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Known for its crystal clear waters and dog-friendly environment, Haulover Beach’s dog area is a South Florida treasure that is relatively unknown. Located between towers 2 and 3, the dog beach provides a large area for both canines and people to roam. The four-legged visitors are allowed to explore the beach and water without a leash. The atmosphere is calm and most certainly family orientated. Not only is there an animal wash area at the entrance, but multiple poop bag stations are located throughout the dog beach. This place provides a huge parking lot that is right across Collins Avenue as well. Haulover Beach offers the best of both worlds for canine owners who are seeking a great beach day with their friendly companions.

An ocean view from Hobie Island Beach Park. (Photo by Tiffany Marin on Unsplash)

Hobie Island Beach Park
Old Rickenbacker Causeway,
Miami, FL 33149
Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This long stretch of beach along the Rickenbacker Causeway is a delightful location for dog owners who are seeking an intimate space with their animals. On any given weekday, canine owners can find a comfy spot on this piece of paradise. The distance from the water to the parking lot is not wide, allowing dog owners to feel safe about not losing their dog at a much larger beach. Hobie Island beach has an amazing view of the Miami skyline while also offering a vast view of the ocean. Known for its shallow and calm water, this beach is an ideal environment for dogs that aren’t ready for bigger waves.

Near the shore at North Oceanside Park. (Sabrina Beguiristain/SFMN)

North Beach Oceanside Park
8328 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33141
Hours: 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Known as one of the biggest parks in Miami Beach, North Beach Oceanside Park provides a beach and a park for your canine friend. Before the entrance, numerous picnic tables, grills, and pavilions are there for families and friends to use. Animals can roam freely while you relax on the large beach. After playing in the water, pups can enjoy the dog park that includes mini pathways, poop bags, and mini pet activities. This beach tailors towards your four-legged companion ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

On the pathway towards South Pointe Beach. (Photo by Jorge Coromina on Unsplash)

South Pointe Beach Park
One Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Surrounded by swaying palm trees, South Pointe Beach Park is a beautiful place to stroll with your furry pet. The area has a scenic pathway that lets animals roam free or with a leash towards the southern tip of Miami Beach. It includes an enclosed bark park that ensures the safety of dogs and provides a large roaming area. Not only are there fun pet activities, but canine owners can enjoy the stunning views, picnic areas and splash zones.

Passing the entrance at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park. (Photo by Marc Fanelli-Isla on Unsplash)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park
1700 Ocean Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Hours: sunrise to sunset

Located near Ocean Drive, this beach is a popular destination among both Miami residents and tourists because of the local restaurants and activities you can do there. Although this beach is usually crowded, people can take their dogs on a calm walk at the entrance of the beach. There’s a little pathway that dogs can enjoy right before jumping into that nice cool water.

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