Five Best Vegan Bakeries in South Florida

Bakeries in South Florida are a whole world of delicious flavors, smells and textures. It is difficult to pass one and not have an antojito for pastelitos, cupcakes or empanadas. Vegan food lovers are not exempt from these cravings; that is why South Florida has vegan bakeries with the ability to make every palate fall in love.

Lemon and blueberry cupcake, mocha cupcake, cheese and guava pastelito, and a coffee from Agave Vegan Bakery. (Lorena Cespedes/SFMN)

Agave Vegan Bakery
8620 Griffin Rd.
Cooper City

Instagram: @agaveveganbakery 

Just walk into Agave and you’ll be in the mood for a pastelito and a coffee. The place is well known for cupcakes with creamy frosting that blends seamlessly with fruity hints and soft textures. The place has a warm and relaxed atmosphere as well as a menu that includes banana bread, lemon and blueberry cupcakes, avocado toast, and cheese and spinach empanadas. Prices range from $3.50 for a guava and cheese pastelito to $15.99 for a combo of four empanadas.

Chocolate croissant, cheese and guava pastelito, and beyond beef patty from Vegan Delights. (Lorena Cespedes/SFMN)

 Vegan Delights 
2201 Palm Ave., #104
Mirabella Plaza Shopping Center

Instagram: @vegandelightsfl

Vegan Delights bakery and mouth-watering pastries are synonymous. This bakery specializes in pastelitos, empanadas, croissants and all kinds of puff-pastry-based products. The chocolate croissant is one of its best sellers. This is a crispy croissant on the outside, soft on the inside, completely vegan, gluten-free and topped with powdered sugar and chocolate. Vegan Delights’ menu includes guava and cheese pastries, lentil-based meat patties, Indian sparkle wraps and empanadas. Prices range from $3.50 for a beef pastry to $4.99 for a croissant to $5.49 for a faux buffalo chicken empanada served with garlic ranch sauce. This place is a great cruelty-free bakery option.

Pictured are a container of dulce no leche, a chocolate chip cookie and a four-pack of funfetti, chocolate chip, vanilla and velvet mini cupcakes from Bunnie Cakes. (Elizabeth Afre/SFMN)

Bunnie Cakes 
8450 NW 53rd St., Suite H101
(786) 577-3243

Instagram: @msbunniecakes

Located in the heart of downtown Doral, Bunnie Cakes opened in 2013 as the first fully-vegan bakery in Miami and has expanded over the years, though their original location in Wynwood closed when they moved to Doral. The bakery is well known for mini cupcakes, which are all vegan, gluten-free and topped with a staple pink fondant heart. The menu also includes cakes, sundaes, cookies, brownies and more. There is everything from classic flavors to Latin-influenced recipes, such as the dulce no leche pie cake for $15. Some other flavors available are vanilla, chocolate, guava, key lime and passion fruit. Customers can also customize their orders and build their own pack of cupcakes, with a 4-pack starting at $10 and mini cakes for $18.

Meat pastelito, Cheese Roll Up pastelitos and Veggie & Potato empanadas from Happy Vegan Bakers. (Elizabeth Afre/SFMN)

Happy Vegan Bakers 
2800 W 84th St., Unit 6
(786) 254-7287

Instagram: @happyveganbakers

Though the typical pastelitos are made with ingredients like beef, chicken and/or cheese, Happy Vegan Bakers sells a variety of Hispanic style pastries modified in a vegan-friendly fashion. The small business is only a few years old, after opening its doors in Hialeah back in 2019, but they are known to sell out fast with customers lining up outside daily. Many of their pastries are made with soy protein and spices to recreate the texture and flavor of traditional Hispanic baked goods. Their menu includes croquetas, tostadas, empanadas and various kinds of pastelitos selling from $2 to $4. Pan con Lechon sandwiches go for $14.

Guava cupcake, guava and crème brûlée mini cupcakes and a cake batter donut from Parlour Vegan Bakery (Elizabeth Afre/SFMN)

Parlour Vegan Bakery 
1487 S University Drive, #3

Second location:
415 S. Federal Hwy,
Boca Raton

Instagram: @parlourvegan 

With locations in Plantation and Boca Raton, Parlour Vegan Bakery specializes in cakes, doughnuts, sandwiches and other plant-based food and drink items. The Plantation location provides customers with a rustic and homey setting, complete with a wide range of vegan and gluten free options to enjoy. Some of Parlour’s most popular menu items include the cinnamon rolls, sold for $5.50, and strawberry pink velvet cookies selling at $2.50 per each. The bakery also offers café-style drinks to compliment any order, from a classic cappuccino for $4.75 to a glass of iced gourmet “hot” chocolate for $6.95. 

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