Toyota engineers develop new technology to prevent hot car deaths (includes video story)

Researchers near Dallas are working on a new solution to stopping or slowing a horrific trend: hot car deaths. An average of 38 children die from heat strokes after being left inside hot cars each year.

The project in the works, called “Cabin Awareness,” uses micro-movements like heartbeats or breathing to detect whether a baby or animal is in a vehicle. The driver is notified by the car honking and flashing lights.

Though the feature is not ready yet, engineers are hopeful they will soon see it in cars.

“Obviously we are developing this for Toyota and Lexus, but this is something potentially as what we are calling our Volvo moment,” said managing engineer Simon Roberts. “This is something that came out of the Hackathon as part of a social good and innovation movement that we would like to see adopted everywhere.”

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