Transcending Perspectives (includes podcast)

In the first episode of the “Transcending Perspectives” podcast, we hear the personal journey of Maria Franzblau, an FIU student who is a member of the university’s Young Democratic Socialists of America organization (YDSA).

Franzblau takes us into the experience of publicly coming out as transfeminine at a time when this community’s rights are under attack, She also gives us insight into the struggles of this community to gain access to gender-affirming healthcare.

Franzblau, an activist as a member of the YDSA, also relates her experience attending a major meeting of the Board of Medicine held in Fort Lauderdale back in August of 2022. Don’t miss this episode if you are either interested in hearing about some of this community’s struggles and one person’s call to action to their community. (Franzblau has changed her name to Maria since the recording of the episode.)

The second episode introduces us to Emily Kaufman, a current law student at the University of Miami who has been out as transgender for eight years. Kaufman, having worked and interned for senators and offices in Philadelphia and Capitol Hill, offers us insight into how there used to be few bills opposing trans rights but now these measures are common.

The discussion with Kaufman highlights what the numerous bills proposed may mean or represent to some people and the overall best ways for people to get involved in protesting.

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