Trump makes first campaign appearance since FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago (includes video story)

Following President Biden’s prime-time speech last Thursday on what the president said is the threat to democracy, Donald Trump responded to Biden’s condemnation of his followers during a Saturday rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The state is considered pivotal in the upcoming midterm elections. 

The rally was in support of Republican candidates Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano, with Trump contending that his supporters are no threat to U.S. democracy.

“Republicans and the MAGA movement are not the ones trying to undermine our democracy, we are the ones trying to save our democracy, very simple,” said Trump.

Trump also discussed the FBI search on his home in early August, calling Biden an “enemy of the state” and criticized the FBI for their search. Trump also mentioned various topics surrounding false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him, in addition to attacks on the Democratic party and promising to “save the country.”

Juliana Narvaez is a junior majoring in journalism and English literature with a minor in psychology. After her studies, she wishes to pursue a writing career with a focus on mental health and victimization advocacy.