Trump set to speak tonight in Doral (includes video story)

One of Donald Trump’s final pit stops before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee on July 15 will be tonight at Trump National Doral. 

The former president not has a wide lead in delegates, but has the added advantage that attention has been diverted from his felony conviction in New York State in the Stormy Daniels case and a $454 million civil penalty in an unrelated civil proceeding by the recent presidential debate.

Trump has stayed out of the limelight this week while Biden has struggled. At the convention, he will be able to make a speech to an unquestioining audience and make news with his vice presidential pick. 

Among potential candidates for the V.P. job is Florida Senator and Miami native Marco Rubio, who may attend tonight.

Rubio said in a recent interview with CNN that he has not been informed of the decision.

“I’ve heard nothing,” said Rubio. “I know nothing. You probably know more than I do. Donald Trump has a decision to make… and he’ll make a good decision.”

Anthony Cruz is a freshmen majoring in Digital Media and Communications. He hopes to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.