Try yoga with your dog or maybe your acrobatic friend

By teaching you to breathe and stretch the right way, yoga exercises your body and mind. There are a lot of yoga classes out there to push you physically and mentally, but some  take “om” to a different level, pushing you far out of your comfort zone. Maybe goats walk on you or you try a downward dog after leaping from a plane with a parachute.

Then there’s dog yoga or “doga,” which offers health benefits for both humans and their fluffy friends by encouraging mutual mind-and-body healing. Stress release, focus, and stretching are just some of the benefits it offers.

Or how about acroyoga, a partner practice that involves a combination of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. AcroYoga is making its way around the yoga world and it is becoming more popular. You might have seen pictures or videos of this partner practice that left you in utter amazement. There is a base, flyer and spotter, so the opportunity for community is amazing.

Any type of Yoga will boost your strength, balance, and flexibility. Sometimes it is a great idea to challenge yourself and switch things up. These are just a few of the many trending yoga styles that are being practiced every day and are continuing to gain popularity.