Turn the Beat Around exhibition celebrates Cuban culture (includes video story)

Turn the Beat Around brought to life a cross-cultural musical fusion with a collaboration between Hollywood musicals, American dance studios and Cuban musicians.

“For a very small island, they had a major cultural impact on the United States,” said Chief Librarian Francis Luca. “We normally think about things they export as sugar, maybe cigars, but really the major exports from Cuba from the 1930s and beyond was their music and culture.”

The exhibitions showcase record covers, movie posters, vintage images of Cuban artists, magazine covers, sheet music, sound recordings and movie clips.

The Turn the Beat Around exhibition is located at The Wolfsonian Museum at Florida International University in Miami Beach. This show is free to all types of public and will be available through the end of April.

Abdul Djabbour is a Digital Communications Media and Journalism with a Social Media and E-Marketing minor student at Florida International University. He has a passion for the media, he’s a writer for PantherNow and he would like to be a TV anchor or reporter to inform and give a voice to his community.