Unreported positive COVID cases are a concern in Florida (includes video story)

As locals thought the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to fade away, it recently has emerged once again throughout the nation. Florida seems to be taking the big hit once again.

The state positivity rate in Florida is now at 20%. There is no known amount of individuals who tested positive with an at-home-kit and then reported their positive case to the government. Many positive results haven’t been reported which may mean that the percentage is probably higher than it is.

Dr. Rob Davidson, executive director of Committee to Protect Health Care said “On the honor system if you test positive you don’t show up, so that’s not showing up in the data. So there’s certainly more out there.”

Although, COVID’s Omicron variant continues to surge throughout Florida, there has been no mask mandate or safety regulation put on the state. 

Jessica Acosta is a senior majoring in Digital Broadcasting at Florida International University. After her studies, she plans to pursue her dream career of working in the entertainment industry as an actress or as a TV personality/host.