Up-and-coming fiction writers tell their stories (includes podcasts)

The “Sound of Stories” podcast is an immersive audio experience for writers and readers alike. Every other week, we highlight an up-and-coming author’s beginnings and works of fiction. On odd weeks, we read 2-3 page short stories submitted by the author aloud, adding immersive sound effects, voice-overs, and atmospheric music. The podcasts aim to bring stories to life in a dramatized audiobook with the power of sound.

One of the highlighted writers is Bella Saavedra, who discovered her passion for writing and reading at a young age and currently attends Florida State University in pursuit of an English degree in creative writing. Her wonderful story “The Timeless Box,” is about a strange antique box that becomes the catalyst for a friendship that stretches beyond time itself.

This episode takes readers into an unforgettable atmosphere of subtle mystery and magic, bittersweet love, and an unending friendship.

Another highlighted writer is Juan Lam, who is currently pursuing an English degree at the University of Florida. His work, “This Autumn Still,” gives us a personal look into the quiet life and love of the magician Lorenzo. 

And in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to put my own personal writing skills to the challenge and type up a terrifyingly good horror story for the podcast.

Javier is a student at FIU working towards a Digital Communications and Media major with a minor in English. His end goal is to get a broadcast job in a live production studio or work as a multimedia journalist for VICE. He enjoys spending his free time playing tabletop games, watching YouTube, and trying to find the bottom of Reddit’s frontpage.