Urbanization in Miami (includes documentary)

To learn more about urbanization in South Florida, our group traveled across the city to see how our communities are changing daily.

Urbanization is a controversial topic due to the many pros and cons it brings with it. While it does combat the housing crisis, especially in a large city like Miami, the effects it has on the natural environment can be detrimental.

Our documentary focused on two communities that have either dealt with urbanization or are currently seeing its effects.

We first looked at Calusa, a small, West Kendall community that has been fighting against the development of the former community golf course for over a decade.

Calusa is an example of a community that not only feared the everyday quality of life changes that come with urbanizing an area, but also had significant concerns about the environmental damage.

Then, to obtain a better understanding of what life could look like after a community becomes fully developed, we took a trip to Brickell, one of the most notoriously urbanized areas in all of South Florida.

What Brickell is today is very different from the past. There, we spoke with residents, leaders, and experts who all articulated their thoughts on the effects of urbanization.


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