Best spots for Valentine’s Day chocolates (includes video story)

There is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by buying some high-quality chocolate. 

Located in Little Havana, Exquisito Chocolates sits on top of the list, a woman-owned business that sources cocoa beans from all over Latin America. Exquisito keeps its ingredient list short with no preservatives or additives to alter the rich taste of cocoa.

There’s a handmade Valentine’s collection ranging from $10 for three bonbons to $89 for a larger-sized chocolate box. This collection stands out for its margarita bonbon, which has a layer of sea salt white chocolate topped with tequila dark chocolate, coated with pink and blue coloring.

Another spot on the list is Chocolate Fashion, a French bakery in Coral Gables that specializes in truffles, macaroons and velvety cakes. The bakery opened in 2004 when a French couple decided to settle in Miami, bringing a taste of Paris’s famous pastries to South Florida. Chocolate fashion has a cozy, cheerful ambiance perfect for a sweet Valentine’s date.

Finally, the luxurious bakery Bachour in the Gables takes chocolate and pastry art to a whole new level. Opened by award-winning chef Antonio Bachour, this place is popular for its bonbons, croissants and chocolate desserts. The best seller, Bachour Rocher, is best enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee. Covered with a crunchy hazelnut exterior and stuffed with hazelnut praline cremeux, this dessert is hard to resist!

Layan Abu Tarboush is a digital broadcasting major at FIU, currently pursuing a minor in International Relations. As an international student from Jordan, Layan is fluent in both Arabic and English and has a deep interest in reporting on Middle Eastern affairs. Layan takes pride in being multicultural with great exposure from the East and West.