Venezuelan magician became famous on “America’s Got Talent” (includes video story)

Dania Díaz, born on August 31, 1988, in Punto Fijo, Venezuela, is an accomplished magician known for her emotional storytelling and impressive performances. Her talent has earned her recognition on international platforms, including “Got Talent España” and “America’s Got Talent.”

Díaz was a magic contestant on the Spanish reality show in 2018 and became a finalist receiving a golden buzzer. She was a semi-finalist on the American show in 2020. Díaz recalls her most memorable moment on stage during “America’s Got Talent” when judge Simon Cowell he saw magic happen when looking at her. 

“Before magic for me meant an escape from reality,” Díaz said. “But now I define it as the peace that comes from finding something that makes you happy and makes others happy as well.”

Díaz is currently living in Madrid, Spain and plans to expand her magic career during a tour through Europe.

Ana Paula Mayorga, born and raised in Venezuela, is a senior majoring in Communications Broadcast Media and minoring in Business Marketing. She currently works as a content creator and spokesperson for brands in the beauty industry. Her goal after graduation is to work as a TV host for live entertainment shows.

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