Venezuelans discuss leaving their homeland (includes video story)

In the last 20 years, there has been a steady decline in the state of Venezuela. With the rise of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s over-dependence on the oil industry, which has tanked, conditions have worsened. Venezuela’s current president Nicolas Maduro has led the country and its people into crisis. 

Venezuela has the highest inflation rate in the world, and its citizens are fighting for survival. Over five million Venezuelans have been forced to flee their homeland and Maduro’s authoritarian rule. During the past two decades, countless citizens have emigrated in search of a better life. 

Venezuelans discussed the struggles affecting them after arriving to the United Stated and how they survive here. Many Americans are unaware of the difficulties such as psychological trauma that Venezuelan immigrants face.

But even in a foreign country, Venezuelans fight to keep their culture alive.

Joanna Ravachi Mughinstein, originally from Venezuela, currently major in broadcast Journalism with a Pre Law Certificate. She aspires to be a future reporter.