Vinya’s wine pop-up and picks make everyone a sommelier (includes video story)

VINYA is a concept that was created by three friends, Nick Garcia, Allegra Angelo and Mauricio Garavno. They bring the best wines from all over the world to a website and Coral Gables pop-up. Their goal is to find wines that best suit each individual. The aim is to make wine a way of life, not just something to drink.

The VINYA team looks for products of sustainable wine-growing and high-quality winemaking technique to ship to their store and/or to customers. The pop-up on Miracle Mile will continue until the end of March.

Every month, you can explore a combination of classic and not-so-classic grapes joined together by a theme. For example, best pairings for Italian food or Mexican food — they will suggest one to your liking depending on how sweet or bitter you enjoy your wine.

They also have subscription boxes that provide a different flavor of wine each month. You fill out a survey and their in-house sommelier, Angelo, handpicks the wines best suited for you. From their “Pinot Crush,” to “Groovy Italian,” to “Sky High Vines,” all the varietals help one to discover a new lesson in every box.

The pop-up is located at 266 Miracle Mile in Coral GablesHours are Friday, 3 – 9 p.m., Saturday 3 – 9 p.m. and Sunday 12 – 6 p.m.


Shadia Karina Charouf, born in Miami, Florida, is currently attending FIU and is majoring in Communication: Broadcast Media with a Minor in International Communication. Shadia is fascinated of the world around her which has led her to grow a fondness for travel, culture, and adventure. Her creativity can be found in her writings like poetry and short stories, and through her detailed eye that has allowed her to capture moments through photography along with her storytelling abilities through videography and production. Shadia is an aspiring Journalist who intends to turn every inspiration she finds, into artwork, one story at a time.

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