Viral TikTok pre-workout trend lands influencer in the hospital (includes video story)

“Dry scooping” is a new Tik-Tok challenge that has fitness influencers ingesting pre-workout powder with no liquid.

Health experts say this craze can lead to serious health issues. This was the case for one social media influencer who suffered a heart attack at just 20 years old.

Dr. Harish Manyam, Erlanger Health System’s chief cardiologist, says that taking such a high dose of caffeine in one sitting leads to a substantial increase in blood pressure.

When taken properly, the powder is mixed with liquid and sipped before working out. This prevents the consumption of a large portion of caffeine at once, which can strain one’s heart.

The internet has seen its fair share of dangerous challenges and viral trends. Gym owner and father Tobe Taylor says he educates his eight-year-old son on potential risks.

“You tell them in advance, you know this could kill you,” says Taylor.

It’s always best to reach out to your physician before trying any supplements or replicating any TikTok fitness trends.

Deniel Dookan is a senior at Florida International University majoring in broadcast media with a minor in psychology. She aspires to become a news anchor in South Florida.