People protest at Miami City Hall against Virginia Key homeless plan (includes video story)

A meeting held Tuesday at Miami City Hall gave people the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns about the homeless residential plan for Virginia Key Park. Many gathered outside to protest the proposal.

Critics say the plan would not only isolate the homeless people from mainland Miami and restrict their access to employment opportunities and transportation but also place them on the climate crisis’s frontline.

“This is a plan that’s debased… when it comes to the houseless,” said Vie Villarde, an activist attending the rally. “It’s [viewing] them as a problem instead of viewing them as people.”

Many people had the opportunity to share their worries during the public discussion regarding the effect of the Virginia Key Outdoor Center’s closure effects on the environment and local history.

Julian Davis is a student at Florida International University, pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. Julian is Jamaican-American and is passionate about photography and the environment, always looking for a way to inspire others about the same. He currently works as a photographer for the school newspaper, PantherNOW. After graduation, Julian aspires to do investigative journalism focusing on environmental corruption.

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