Visit the Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood, which is open despite coronavirus (video story included)

Despite the coronavirus, the Museum of Graffiti is now open in the vibrant neighborhood of Wynwood. A visit will take you on a trip to the past, focusing on the rich history of this once-outlawed art.

Co-founder and artist Alan Ket partnered with attorney Alisson Freidin to give a permanent home to this form of art. Their goal was to have a place where visitors could appreciate graffiti and also be educated about it.
“When we paint in public, many times that work is erased — it’s painted over, it’s destroyed, it’s temporary, it’s ephemeral,” said Ket. “Where do you talk about that work that has been erased?”
The Museum of Graffiti serves as a platform for local graffiti artists to showcase their work. It has a gift shop that sells items like toys and apparel designed by local artists.
The museum is closed Tuesdays, but plans on opening Wednesday. No more than 10 people will be allowed inside at a time and there is nothing to touch, said Freidin. Even if it is closed, there are 15 walls outside with graffiti on them, she added.
For tickets and more information you can visit the museum’s website or call (786) 580-4678. It is located at 299 NW 25th St.
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