What’s being done to prepare South Florida for rising seas?

Click below for a series of 10 videos.

This series of 10 short videos explores what South Florida communities are doing to prepare for rising seas caused by climate change. Our broadcast and journalism students interviewed lawyers, meteorologists, scientists, mayors, resiliency officers, and county commissioners – to help elevate the conversation from doomsday predictions to realistic solutions.

You’ll learn about new real estate laws, monies being spent to improve infrastructure, roads being elevated, 3D imaging to assess underwater damage to a museum structure, solar energy implementation, and even how technicians are monitoring the effects of sea level rise on digital communication.  Our goal is to give you a glimpse of what people are doing to slow down climate change and to protect our extremely vulnerable neighborhoods.

We hope this will encourage you to pay attention to the local response to climate change and to become engaged not only in the conversation but in the actions that must follow.