Wildfires ravage both New Jersey and California

Wildfires are erupting on both sides of the country and are forcing residents to evacuate their homes.

More than 500 firefighters are being called to fight the wildfires that are burning near Los Angeles and New Jersey.

“Evacuation orders have impacted hundreds of Topanga residents in over 500 homes that still face potential threat,” said Asst. Chief Jesse Vela. “Repopulating these residents is one of our top priorities.”

Firefighters are currently battling to control the flames that are damaging infrastructure and threatening people.

The arson suspect who is believed to be responsible for the fires in Los Angeles is in police custody.

“It’s smoke inhalation. He’s being treated for that. It’s a male,” said Chief Ralph Terrazas. “Smoke inhalation. He’s at the hospital right now.”

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