The world of cricket makes its way to South Florida (includes documentary)

For the first time ever, the United States will host matches for the T20 Cricket World Cup in June. The four South Florida matches won’t be held in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, but rather in the small town of Lauderhill, where the community has embraced the game.

Buoyed by a large Caribbean and South Asian population, Lauderhill has become a significant player in international cricket. In 2010, Central Broward Regional Park, located in the city, was awarded International Cricket Council (ICC) accreditation for its cricket stadium, the first in North America. Now the city will have its first chance to shine on an international stage.

This documentary looks at the growth of the game from training fields to the world’s stage and meets people shaped by the growth of the game. We also examine the extensive preparations that need to be made for the World Cup’s arrival and the considerations of the local business community.

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