Worth the drive: Miami’s most memorable food trucks

Miami is an eclectic city full of unique culinary creations. As it has grown as a cultural melting pot, new dining experiences have cropped up. Food trucks provide a distinctive spin on eating out. From Wynwood to Kendall, these next five offer some of the area’s best and most creative culinary experiences. 

vaca frita tacos from Caja Caliente. Rachel Rodriguez/SFMN

Caja Caliente
1101 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 717-4964

Caja Caliente is a low-key Cuban-Mexican fusion truck tucked away in Wynwood. Its mouth-watering Cuban flavors coupled with the traditional style of Mexican street food makes this the perfect stop any day of the week. If you want to eat good food served by a friendly staff and enjoy a wonderful outdoor seating ambiance, this is the truck for you.

The vaca frita taco ($9) includes a soft tortilla stuffed with authentic Cuban meat, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, and  topped with a delicious aioli sauce. The dish is crunchy, savory, and fresh. Another favorite is the goat cheese croquetas ($6 for an order of 5), which have the perfect outer crunch and queso that melts in your mouth.

milk tea (left) and taro tea (right) at Arigato. Rachel Rodriguez/SFMN

3246 N Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 667-1427

Arigato is a French-Japanese inspired food truck with a beautifully decorated Instagrammable outdoor space that debuted this past January 3. Truck owner Princesa Capolupo’s philosophy is to be “grateful for everything,” hence the name Arigato, which means thank you in Japanese.

Arigato specializes in an array of sweet pastries and delicious drinks, creating the cutest experience in all of Wynwood. They specialize in bubble tea such as milk tea ($6.50) and taro tea ($6.50), which are flavorful, sweet, and refreshing to drink. Arigato is also home to Miami’s first rainbow grilled cheese ($5), which takes the simple format of a regular sandwich, but incorporates pink, blue, orange, and green food coloring to create a cheesy rainbow when pulled apart. If you are looking for an aesthetic place to relax, take pictures, and sip bubble tea, Arigato is the place to be. 

strawberry and nutella crepstick from CrepStick. Jalynne Medina/SFMN

10800 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33154
(786) 274-9457

CrepStick offers an innovative approach to crepes that you can enjoy on the go. They start with the standard dough, which is shaped like a popsicle, stuffed with the delicious sweet or savory flavor of your choice to enjoy without the hassle of a plate and utensils. The strawberry & nutella crepstick ($9) is the perfect twist on the traditional dish. It is soft, warm and sweet.

The truck is located in Haulover Park on Tuesday evenings with Miami Food Truck Events and travels to different parts of South Florida throughout the week.

Left to right: Picada, yuca bites, guacamole, maduros, and tortilla chips at El Toro Loco. Rachel Rodriguez/SFMN

El Toro Loco
6603 So. Dixie Hwy.
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 970-4824

El Toro Loco is a local hit throughout Miami. The food truck, located in Pinecrest, offers a variety of meats, from chicken to filet mignon. El Toro Loco has also grown to incorporate three additional trucks, five restaurants, and two butcher shops. The most notable dish is the picada ($14.99), a platter of churrasco, picanha, lomo, and chorizo; it’s a way to try a little bit of everything. They also offer an eight-side sampler ($19.99) to go with the picada, making for a bountiful amount of food to share.

Chicken shawarma (top left) and the mixto with pita (top right) from El Arabito. Rachel Rodriguez/SFMN

El Arabito
6799 NW 87th Ave.
Miami, FL, 33166
(786) 860-0459

Good Middle Eastern food is hard to find in the greater Miami area. Fortunately, El Arabito in Doral is the place to go. This truck specializes in bringing Middle Eastern and Venezuelan cuisine together to create the ultimate experience, while offering the most bang for your buck. Most notable is the chicken shawarma ($9), which had the perfect balance of warm, deliciously seasoned poultry with refreshing vegetables. Complete with tables and parking right next to the truck, El Arabito makes for a great option when trying out flavorful dishes for a great price.  

Rachel Rodriguez is a senior majoring in digital journalism at Florida International University. She is interested in analyzing media trends and film. After graduation, she aspires to attend law school and become an attorney focusing on media law.

Jalynne Medina is a New York native and college junior majoring in Digital Broadcasting and minoring in Spanish Language and Culture. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a career as a Bilingual Journalist to bridge the gap between the mainstream American media and the Latino community.