Zoo Miami welcomes two newborn giraffes and a third is coming (includes video story)

Zoo Miami has two new residents, each standing taller than five and a half feet. The pair of giraffe calves were born earlier this month, and a third is coming soon.
Mia, a 14-year-old giraffe gave birth to the male calf on April 2. Just three days later, on April 5, the female calf was born to six-year-old Zuri. They became the 54th and 55th calves born at the zoo.
Both calves, and the one on the way, share the same father, four-year-old Malcolm.
The calves are now on display for visitors. These baby giants can be seen nursing, galloping or simply sunbathing.
People from all over the state have come to see the calves.
“I love seeing the newborns,” said Alyssa Palmer, a zoo visitor. “It’s great to see that they are helping increase the population of giraffes and everyone here seems well taken care of… I’m not local down here, but we also have giraffes up a little bit north and I just love seeing them repopulate… They’re just beautiful creatures,”
Giraffe populations have been declining for decades for many reasons.
Now is the time to go see the giraffe calves as they will be relocated around the time they reach a year of age in hopes of increasing their population by further breeding.

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