Cloud Cast: Is vaping safe? (includes audio story)

Welcome to Cloud Cast, where we examine the complexities of young adult life and delve deeply into the world of vaping. We include real talk, professional analysis, and anecdotes in our podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to provide light on the vaping phenomena and its effects on the youth of today. Come engage with us and learn about the narratives that influence the vape generation.

Episode 1

We are pleased to have guest Magide Joseph on this episode, where she will talk about her own experience vaping. Hosted by Karla Bendles. Tune in for engaging discussions and a fresh perspective of vaping and young adult experiences.

Episode 2

In this Episode we welcome guest Camila Mota, a registered nurse, to discuss the health issues with vaping and its connection to mental health. Hosted by Karla Bendles.

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