Cars are at serious risk in the summer heat (includes video story)

Dangerously high temperatures not only pose major health risks for people and pets around the world. These summer months can also impact vehicles with the potential to cause irreplaceable damage.

Mechanics like Jeff Pheasant advise people to check a car’s gauges, as it will notify you if the temperature is having any effect on a vehicle.

“If you don’t pull over when it shows signs of being hot, it doesn’t take very long at all and it’s going to end up causing serious, irreversible damage to the engine,” Pheasant said.

Simple heat precautions can be taken to prevent a car from being damaged, such as checking tire pressure, cleaning the air filter and cleaning the drains for the air conditioning and heater.

Carlos Carrillo is a senior at Florida International University majoring in digital broadcasting. After graduation Carlos hopes to pursue a career in TV and one day become a sports broadcaster or journalist.