Guinness world record-breaking dog holds the title for longest tongue (includes video story)

In the town of Normal, Rocky the boxer has a feature that is anything but that. Breaking a world record, Rocky has a tongue unique in that Illinois town. His owner, Crystal Williams, had no clue that it was even a thing to have a Guinness world record for the longest dog tongue until she saw a TV special featuring the previous record-holder.

After realizing that Williams’s dog has been getting more stares than usual, she figured that she had a shot at her pup being the successor for the title.

Williams said that the journey to obtain the record was not easy; it required multiple complicated and lengthy forms. After checking over the forms three times, she sent off the application to Guinness. A few months later, they finally accepted it and the measuring process began.

Guinness had sent Rocky’s vet, Dr. Bleem, specific requirements on how to measure Rocky’s tongue, and measuring at just about 5.5 inches, Rocky was officially awarded the world record for having the longest tongue on a living dog.

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