Teens’ social media ban draws controversy (includes video story)

A social media law recently signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has both teens and their parents sharing their thoughts on the measure. 

The law, which takes effect in January 2025, restricts children under 16 from accessing social media platforms and creating accounts. The decision also targets companies by requiring them to delete accounts that don’t meet the bill’s standards. 

The decision bans children aged 13 or less from having social media accounts. Those aged 14 to 15 can have social media accounts, but only with parental consent. 

According to a national poll taken by Grinnell College, 55% of adults support banning children under 16 from using social media platforms.

“I agree with parents having control over children’s social media.” said teenager Philippe Lonta. “I feel like on social media, it can show a lot of things that aren’t necessarily meant to be shown for a person of that age.” 

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