Blood donations have decreased in the US (includes video story)

The American Red Cross provides about 40% percent of the nation’s blood to patients who are in need of transfusions. But natural disasters, summer vacations and back-to-school days can make it difficult for people to go to centers and donate. Since August, levels have dropped 25%. 

The decrease in donations affects everyone from cancer patients to victims of daily emergencies. And hurricane season, which is also a main reason for the decrease, is not over yet. Due to severe weather conditions, some blood drives had to be canceled leading to fewer donations. 

Only about 4% of people have been donating blood. The Red Cross is concerned and hoping to get more donations.

“Blood cannot be manufactured,” said Baia Lasky Divisional, chief medical officer of the American Red Cross. “It can’t be stockpiled and really it’s the blood on the shelves on a daily basis that is needed to save lives.”

Fabiola Ojeda is a senior at Florida International University majoring in digital media and journalism. She enjoys communicating with others and is very passionate about covering stories, interviewing and communicating a message to an audience. She is a Latina born and raised in Puerto Rico with dreams of becoming a news reporter and TV anchor one day.