‘Chronicles of Miami’ mural kicks off Art Week in Miami (includes video story)

Art Basel Week has begun and Design District at Jungle Plaza hosted an opening party for the mural “Chronicles of Miami” by the artist JR. The mural aspires to, as articulated on the artist’s website, “create a narrative and highly realistic composition of Miami at this unique moment in time.”

The opening celebration featured food vendors and a performance by the Brazilian pop artist Anitta.

At the event, local Miami residents shared their perspectives on whether they believe this mural accurately represents the essence of the occasion.

Monique Garcia said,  “I’ve been here for seventeen years and I have studied some of the images and do think it’s an accurate representation of Miami.” 

Others, such as Nerdida Ramphal, have noted that the mural also symbolizes the culture of Miami. 

“It’s alive, it’s fun, people are coming together to have a good time. It’s about culture which is super rich in Miami,” said Ramphal. 

Finally, the artist JR conveyed gratitude and provided insight into the creative process, revealing that the mural in Jungle Plaza represents only half of the complete artwork, with the other half located in the renowned Superblue museum.

Virginia Tijerino is a Latina Junior majoring in Communications with a specific focus on journalism, accompanied by a minor in education. As a passionate bilingual student, she finds joy in writing and reporting stories on social events and about her community. She holds a strong passion for writing and aspires to pursue a career as a reporter.