Doggy Ice Pops offers cold treats for hot dogs

On blistering summer days, popsicles are one of the few sweet treats that can cool us down. However, what about our dogs? 

Doggy Ice Pops, a small company located in Doral, believes that man’s best friends deserve a frozen treat. They deliver frozen delicacies across the region. 

Nine unusual combinations are made fresh daily in their warehouse from organic fruits, vegetables, oats, chia oil, and water. There’s peanut butter banana, carrot strawberry, and watermelon banana. The stick is edible, and there’s no added sugar! All the ingredients are safe for dogs to enjoy. 

Peanut Butter Banana flavored Doggy Ice Pops (Photo by Alexus Goings/SFMN)

“I guarantee you’re not going to like them, you’re going to love them,” says Carlos Barrera, an employee of Doggy Ice Pops whose father, Jamie, started the business in 2017.

On a scorching day in Miami, his aunt enjoyed a popsicle and noticed a thirsty dog. That’s when the idea that later became a reality. His father, Jamie Barrera, started the business inside a decorated popsicle truck, and the company continues to grow.

The Doggy Ice Pop stand at Haulover beach sits next to the beach entrance. Nearby are both a park and a beach for dogs to play and run around, making it the ideal spot for dog owners to buy frozen treats for their best friends.

The stand is only open on weekends from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To ensure your dog’s favorite flavor is still there, arrive early.

Puppy enjoying a Doggy Ice Pop (Photo by Alexus Goings/SFMN)

Doggy Ice pops has stationed mini-fridges in local pet stores and veterinarian offices across South Florida. Rio’s Pet Spa and Boarding in North Miami is one of many locations where you can snag your doggy popsicle. Five years ago, at a dog event in South Beach, Doggy Ice Pops owner approached the owner of Rio’s pet spa, Patricia Bastos, and asked if they could set up one of their freezers in her store.

“The cost of the freezer is free and they come once a month to clean it up and restock,” says Bastos. “We’re not even making a dollar off [it]. It’s basically to help out and have an extra treat for the dogs.” 

The website,, features an online shop that lets customers get ice pops delivered to their door. Customers can choose between ordering a single ice pop or boxes of six or 12 with prices ranging from $4.60 for a single, $24 for six, and $43 for 12. Catering is also available for any doggy parties. 

“They sell the best popsicles… and my puppy loves them,” says Starla Santana, a Miami native and dog mom to Huey, a Labradoodle. “I think that makes this beach a very unique experience compared to any other.”

Doggy Ice Pops can be found at the following locations: 

1325 NW 98th Ct., Unit 7
Miami, FL

(786) 953-7010

Doggy/Yummy Ice pops Truck
Haulover Beach
North Miami Beach, FL
(305) 947-3525

Rio’s pet spa & boarding
609 NE 127th Street
North Miami Beach, FL
(305) 935-5551

Alexus Goings is majoring in digital broadcast media at Florida International University. After graduation, she hopes to work in the entertainment industry as a television host. She enjoys traveling and has her own podcast.

Richard De Paula is a junior majoring in Journalism at FIU. After finishing his studies, he plans to find a job editing for a publishing company.