Building a community through sports for Hollywood youth (includes video story)

When South Florida parent Alexander Gutierrez wanted to introduce his daughter to sports, he chose the Hollywood YMCA.

“You feel like a family because everybody else is like you,” said Gutierrez. “You find the mom that works, the dad that works every day and kids who come from school. The schedule is a really good benefit because it fits very well in your daily tasks.”

His daughter, Daniela, also likes the social aspect. “I joined the league, I got better at volleyball, and I met my friends.”

Stephen Fountain, the facility’s sports director, said that “the most powerful thing is probably seeing kids develop, build their confidence, their communication, sportsmanship throughout the seasons, basketball, volleyball. They always develop and they’re always learning.”

Mauro Rueda is a bilingual Digital Communication and Media major who is fluent in Spanish and English. He aspires to have a career in broadcast journalism that allows him to cover sporting events in print and on TV.