Eighty-two-year-old man fights off home intruder (includes video story)

Eighty-two-year-old Ronald Lucas proved that age is no obstacle to defending oneself against attackers.

An intruder broke into Lucas’s home this past Tuesday in Suncoast Estates in Fort Myers. Lucas stepped in right away to defend his wife, who was recovering from surgery.

He described the fierce back-and-forth conflict in which the intruder responded to each move with a countermove. Lucas was unfazed and was able to drive the invader out with a cane.

The fight left Lucas with injuries, but he prevailed, scaring the invader away and protecting his wife and possessions. When questioned about his level of fear he made it clear that he was willing to stand his ground once more if necessary.

The intruder was identified thanks and charges are now being sought, underlining the important part he played in ensuring justice and safety for his community.