Gas prices continue to rise (includes video story)

After Labor Day, gas prices typically fall because summer travel ceases.

However, that is not the case this year. Drivers all around the nation have expressed how high the prices have been. 

They rose to $3.88 per gallon nationally on Monday, Sept. 18 according to the AAA. That makes it the highest so far this year. Worldwide, oil prices are pushing $92 per barrel. The current national average is below the all-time record of $5 but still remains higher than it was this time last year. 

Californians expressed their emotions on seeing the increase of over 49 cents in the past few months. 

 “I should buy a lottery ticket, it’s like $95 even,” said Henry Lee,  a California driver. “Yeah on the dot, so…but yeah, I’m probably gonna need to win the lottery after paying for this gas.” 

Pump prices are at a minimum of $4 or higher per gallon in 11 states which include Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon.

Sofia Paredes is a senior major in digital communications and broadcast journalism with a concentration in E-marketing Analytics. After her studies, she plans to work for a social media agency and help businesses grow online.