South Florida’s beloved Knaus Berry Farm is back (includes video story)

Knaus Berry Farm made its triumphant return Tuesday. Its annual reopening has maintained a strong appeal to dedicated supporters year after year. Despite the unfortunate passing of the farm’s owner, the delectable taste of the cinnamon rolls remains as delightful as ever.

This past March, Rachel Knaus, co-owner of the Redland farmstand, tragically passed away following an alleged altercation with her son, Travis Grafe, who is accused of assaulting her with a flashlight. Nevertheless, the beloved operation officially commenced operations on Halloween, with plans to remain open until mid-April. Customers expressed their sentiments regarding the notable difference in the atmosphere during this reopening compared to previous years.

Jessica Browning, a customer, says she is aware of the tragic news — “I did hear about the passing and I think it’s nice that they’re opening again. I think a lot of us were unsure if they were going too, but I think it’s heartwarming that they’re doing it again.” 

Isabella Dobrowolski expresses the reasons why waiting in line is worthwhile — “The cinnamon rolls are my favorite, and they’re different from any other kind; I used to live around here when I was kid and we still make the drive here every day.”

Virginia Tijerino is a Latina Junior majoring in Communications with a specific focus on journalism, accompanied by a minor in education. As a passionate bilingual student, she finds joy in writing and reporting stories on social events and about her community. She holds a strong passion for writing and aspires to pursue a career as a reporter.