Photographers and models adjust to quarantine with virtual shoots (includes video story)

While media have covered the hospitality, healthcare and retail industries during the COVID-19 spread, the photography/modeling business has been relegated to the back end of newscasts.

Photographer Dani Prada shares how the industry became stagnant for months. This forced her to find innovative ways to continue creating. “So instead of doing photo shoots in public places like we would, like let’s say in the middle of downtown, a lot of clients are just choosing to do it at a park where there is an open area where we can kind of keep our distance,” she said.

When quarantine was mandatory, businesses like photography studios, public parks, stores and museums were all closed down. This left little to no space for photographers to work. The clientele was hesitant to have in-person contact with them since the COVID-19 spread was at an all-time high. However, through technology, the industry found ways to adapt until some of the restrictions were lifted. 

Virtual photoshoots were introduced as a new, unique way to express creativity. This consists of photographers using either Facetime, Zoom or other online video chat sources, to capture images.

Alessia Galiano, a model who adapted to this new way of creating, admits that quality of connection, directing and editing issues were all obstacles she had to overcome. Photographers have been staying six feet apart at all times and wear masks as a precaution.

A model’s job is to deliver a concept to the camera and execute it. In a virtual shoot, they not only took on the job of model, but of creative director as well. Extra duties like positioning the phone, adjusting the lighting, and ensuring their look were all new tasks to master. 

Thalia Dominguez is an FIU senior in pursuit of exploring the Broadcast Media field past its limits. As a Cuban woman, she aspires to be the voice of power in a country that gave her the opportunity to freely express herself. Her goals are to inform the public of the truth that they deserve.

Andrea Gonzalez is a Venezuelan Broadcast Media student minoring in Social Media and E-Marketing. Since she can remember, she has always aspired to be in front of a television screen informing and entertaining people with news.

Jessica Ramirez is a senior at FIU majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Social Media Marketing. Jessica was born and raised in Miami but has Cuban roots. After graduation, she will be working with the media and social media department for Miami-Dade PD.