Santa’s Enchanted Forest moves to a new city (includes video story)

After spending 40 years in Tropical Park and one year in Hialeah, Santa’s Enchanted Forest is moving to yet another location on NW 74th Street and 87th Avenue.

With food, games and rides, Santa’s Enchanted Forest has remained in the hearts of locals in South Florida. Although it’s not as big as it once was, people are still lining up to buy tickets and season passes. 

“We actually bought the season passes and it’s awesome,” says Yaneris Amador, an avid Santa’s Enchanted guest. “It’s a little smaller than what we’re used to, but it’s fun.” 

Even in November, South Florida is feeling the Christmas spirit. 

Samantha Gutierrez is a student journalist majoring in Digital Communication and Media. As a bilingual reporter, she enjoys covering stories about her diverse Miami community. With a strong passion for broadcasting, she aspires to pursue a career as a multimedia journalist in South Florida.

Esteban Rodriguez is a sophomore majoring in TV/Broadcast media. He is a producer for Caplin News and FIU's Sports show, Sideline. He hopes to pursue this path of producing for Sports Networks and/or Hollywood in the Film Industry.