Best sustainable fashion stores in South Florida

Every year, new fast fashion trends come and go, causing environmental damage with each new collection. Still, South Florida’s fashion stores are offering eco-friendly alternatives while also preventing thousands of pounds of clothing from hitting the landfills. 

 Here are the best sustainable fashion stores in Miami-Dade and Broward counties that combine style with environmental responsibility. 

Lost ‘N Found offers a cozy ambiance with many places to sit, relax and even have something to drink while shopping.  (Photo by Jose Rodriguez / Caplin News).

Lost ‘N Found Vintage
4760 NW Seventh Ave. 
Miami, FL 33127

Close to the Design District, Lost ‘N Found offers many garments that cater to every fashion style. The store specializes in vintage streetwear and designer clothing. From T-shirts and outerwear to sneakers and vintage sports jerseys, this place offers everything you need to create an outfit. 

Their slogan, “hand-picked, always fresh” resonates throughout the store,  as every clothing  rack goes through a meticulous process of curation to provide high quality garments. As its name suggests, this establishment focuses on finding second-hand clothes and giving them a new life. Lost ‘N Found also offers clients the possibility of getting store credit if they trade-in a clothing item. 

As you navigate the store, you can find a variety of items starting at $40 such as T-shirts and hats, and going up to as much as $1,000 for exclusive designer items. The store’s overall aesthetic gives customers a sense of comfort while buying. There’s even a tasteful living room in the middle of the store with ample space to hang around.  

At Wynwood Tribe, each section of the store showcases sustainable brands from all over the world. (Photo by Jose Carlos Rodriguez /Caplin News)

Wynwood Tribe 
2200 NW Second Ave. 
Miami, FL 33127

Surrounded by the colorful streets of Wynwood, this sustainable and conscious marketplace offers a wide range of eco-friendly clothing brands in collaboration with local and international designers. All of these brands are displayed harmoniously throughout the store,  each with its own story, style and environmental impact. 

Their collections fit every budget, with pieces from $5 to $5,000. In this store, you can enjoy your shopping experience while feeling assured that you’re investing in environmentally conscious brands.

Every day, 500 new pieces arrive at Szyn thrift directly from their warehouse. (Photo courtesy of Szyn Thrift via instagram)

Szyn Thrift + Vintage
10494 SW 72nd St.
Miami, FL 33173

Close to FIU and the Miami Dade College Kendall campus, Syzn thrift opens their doors  from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Each visit is a hunt for different treasures as their collections renew daily. 

Prices range from $4 to 19$ with the store divided into two sections. One is a premium section and the other is a thrifting side that starts at $10 and goes down in price weekly. They also organize sales events, with some of their pieces going for $1.

Their warehouse also supplies clothing to other local and international vintage retailers. Their commitment to sustainability lies in their motto: “It’s more than a piece of clothing, it’s a piece of history.” Every garment is treated with care so that it ends in someone’s closet and not in piles of waste.

Some of the colorful items found at Frangipani for the cooler days in Miami. At left, is the Elsa cropped jacket. At right, is a light-weight sweater by Duvin. (Photo courtesy of Frangipani Miami via Instagram)

Frangipani Miami
2237 NW Second Ave. 
Miami, FL 33127
305- 573-1480

If you are looking for a tropical and vibrant store in Miami, Frangipani is the one for you. Located at the heart of Wynwood, this eye-catching concept store captivates customers with its distinctive and colorful collections for men, women and children. They source their clothing from ethical designers all over the world, focusing on unique style and high quality materials.

Their prices go from $15 to $40 for accessories and up to $200 for jackets and sweaters. They offer a variety of sustainable handmade products, from colorful shirts and dresses to jewelry and home decor. Their pieces sell both through their website and physical store that opens every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

People wait for every Sunday to visit Thrift Sh!t Vintage and discover new thrifted treasures.  (Photo courtesy of  Thriftshit via Instagram)

Thrift Sh!t Vintage
801 NW First St. 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Founded in a college dorm, ThriftSh!t started selling to University of Central Florida students and in local Orlando markets. Its success led them to open a store in Fort Lauderdale in June of 2023. Now the brand receives around 2000 vintage pieces every month. Some come from as early as the 1960s, while others trace to the early 2000s.

Its commitment as a thrift store is to create sustainable ways to serve the public and provide a unique shopping experience. Products are available in-store and online. Free shipping is offered in the United States. 

Thiftsh!t vintage have set their prices to fit everyone’s budget. Most items go for around  $7 and racked pieces range from $15 to $35. The website provides a full catalog of its pieces but, if you want to take a look in person, the store opens from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. each Sunday. Don’t miss the chance, it is only once a week!

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